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The ZenPowerment Way
Survive 2 Thrive
12 Safety, Survival & Success Principles for Females to Thrive!
Do you worry every time you have to walk to your car by yourself especially if you parked in a parking structure, at night, that happens to be deserted by the time you're going to your car? 

What about out when you're on an elevator alone with a man almost twice your size? Do you feel like if he decided to hit that “stop” button you'd have a fighting chance of surviving? Can you tap into that powerful mama tiger within you at will? Can you depend on yourself to do whatever it takes to survive no matter how far you have to go?

Don't be looked at by criminals as one of their next targets. 

Raise your awareness so you don't make yourself vulnerable to rape or violent attacks. 

Incorporate some of these basic safety skills so that you don’t have to experience unnecessary fear being alone around men throughout the day. 

Learn to rely on your inner invincibility so you can see the truth in any situation and then take appropriate action…IMMEDIATELY! 
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With every purchase you are supporting underserved pregnant teen mothers to Thrive!
Give yourself the gift of looking better! When you know you're safe, you feel good, and when you feel good on the inside you look good on the outside. A happy and peaceful heart is a happy smiling face. This face is a very different face of a woman who's in constant fear of her safety. 
What would your your life be like if you had to deal with the aftermath of a vicious attack like one of these or worse? How quickly would you bounce back? Would you bounce back and be better than you were before or would you even bounce back at all? Are you connected to your true inner POWER?

Really think about that for a minute and take inventory here. Because you wouldn't be fooling anybody but yourself here. 
"I Support what this book has to say in empowering women as well as men to live a fuller, freer more vibrant life..."
"F%#@ yeah I recommend this book!"
"When you know you can defend yourself it gives you the ability to be kind..."
This is about having balanced
Feminine & Masculine Leadership
in our homes, relationships, in our country and on our planet!
This S2T book lays the foundation for any Female to start planting seeds of boundaries, safety and empowerment. I can't stress enough that a girl is NEVER too young to learn about herself in his way. To start cultivating the power within. And quite frankly, I started teaching my daughter before she could even talk or walk to know her personal boundaries. And once she understood her boundaries, her innate power kicked in! All females can be made aware of this as soon as their out of the womb. It's all facilitated by the parents understanding of these simple but powerful concepts! 

So take that right there as a gift and we can begin to transform how our young girls and women perceive themselves one girl at a time. 
This is about you Knowing
Your Divinity, Grace & Power
as a Sacred Female...
  • 12 Well Rounded Principles that build a firm foundation
  •  Training Techniques that Penetrate any assailant!
  •  Chapters that will Inspire, Motivate and Empower you to transform your old disempowering routines into new healthy habits 
  •  Using the Power of your Voice
  •  How to make eye contact with confidence
  •  A Safe Home
  •  The Art of Waiting
  •  Using your hands as weapons of Love
  •  Trusting your Tribal Instincts
  •  Handling Chokes
  •  Staying Connected
  •  Creating a Safe Environment anywhere
  •  A Self-Empowered You!
  •  Why Meditating Gives you Power!
Remember Now?
Your True POWER lies within...
  • Added benefits for audio learning
  •  Easily integrate new empowering habits while on the go, exercising or meditating. 
  •  Quickly access reminders helping you to stay sharp & safe so you can keep thriving!
  •  You'll have the POWER to elevate your own Consciousness give you as much "Peace of Mind" as you desire
  •  Experience your power beyond your female body
  •  Harness & maintain an elevated confidence in yourself as a girl or woman
  •  Stimulate your imagination & build your personal power from within
  •  Workout your subconscious fears around your safety & survival a female committed to THRIVING!
  •  Let go of the fear of making eye contact with strangers and others
  •  Discover & refine your authentic voice
  •  Support females, males and families in learning how to exist in peace, harmony & balance.
  • Experience more personal freedom to be exactly who you've been created to be on a day to day basis
  •  Have more fun with family, friend & new acquaintances just by being you!
  •  Release mountains of stress & worry enabling you to relax more and deeper!
  •  Pass down empowering habits to our daughters so they don't need to experience unnecessary fear and pain
  •  Support our boys and young men in acknowledging & respecting all females
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Well let me introduce myself. My name is Kiko J. Ellsworth and I've had a passion for empowering my fellow sisters through safety, self defense and self expression for over 13 years. 

Ever since I was a part of facilitating rape prevention seminars back in 2004, my commitment has only deepened to see my fellow sisters learn how to liberate themselves. By them learning how to use their will, voice and bodies to protect themselves I've seen so many Females of all ages release unnecessary fear and gain a deep inner peace, power and happiness. They walk away with the confidence and knowingness that they can take care of themselves if some foul play were to go down.
K.J. Ellsworth
Creator & Teacher
  •  I Was led to create "The ZenPowerment Way" curriculum that empowers and liberates the Soul, Mind and Body. Through Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Self-Defense and Self-Expression Techniques this is truly the only Total Empowerment System of its kind available as in person privates, group sessions, corporate and online. Inquire for more info.
  •  Honored to serve as the Vice President of a local domestic violence charity.
  •  Also served as the self defense coordinator of a local domestic violence non profit. 
  •  Being blessed enough to earn an Emmy Award for my voice artistry has taught me how to find and use the power of my authentic voice to express my truths. Self-expression is a vital element in the foundation of our total empowerment training program for the soul, mind and body.
  •  Certification as an edged weapons instructor.  
  •  Earning a Level 4 Instructor of the Bojuka Self-Defense System that emphasizes on effective and practical self defense for the everyday person. Including threat level assessment, de-escalation tactics with knowledge of our legal system and how to defend yourself so you stay out of jail. Weirdly enough, if you defend yourself the wrong way, YOU can actually go to jail instead of them!
  •  And finally, this book is one of the most vital elements of this equation as it transfers the understanding of these 12 basic safety, survival and success principles in written (and musically enhanced audiobook) form for any female to plant the seeds of her own empowerment and ultimately, her very own liberation. 
This is about creating
20 Million THRIVRZ
working together to rebirth the Tribal Dynamic!
And if for any reason at all under the stars that you're not completely satisfied, I'll give you a 100%, No Questions Asked, Take- It-To-The-Bank Guarantee * 
* I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the techniques in this book, you'll be a significantly happier, much more confident woman with an elevated experience of peace and safety in your everyday life. If you truly apply how I've instructed you in these 12 Principles. If you don't, I'll refund the entire cost of the book. Actually, you get double protection. Here's how. At any time during the 12 months, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it's on the last day of the twelfth month!
You may be sitting there reading this saying to yourself that I'm crazy for making all these offers and guarantees but here's the deal. 

I'm personally invested in transforming this violent and fear driven world for my daughter and other little girls who this world can devour alive if we DONT do our part to make it a safer and more harmonious place to live. 

I know personally I'd feel horrible if something happened to my princess warrior and I KNEW that I could've done something to prepare her or to prevent it altogether. And on another level to be very transparent here...I know this is one of the main reasons I chose to be born in this day and age. To be a part of this very Vital Movement to bring back the Respect, Honor and Divine Appreciation of the Feminine energy on our planet.

So that's the full story and why I'm putting forth this Amazing Free deal. I don't know how long I will offer this book for Free so please take advantage of it while it lasts.
Make a stand for the life you deserve today, right now! 
Get the WorkBook and start your Training today!
It's not going to happen haphazardly and no one is going to give it to you. The power to transform your life is all within you. Your actions will dictate the quality, experience and outcome of your life on a daily basis. Be an action taker. Be you, the leader...the THRIVR! 
The world needs many more female leaders like you! And we need you NOW!
Whether if you think you're ready or not...we need you to STAND UP for yourself and all the other females in the world that cannot currently stand up for themselves! We can shift the energy of this by one. This needs to, has to and will change for good.
This is about us coming together as a Tribe to
Stand for Truth, Justice & Harmony
for all beings...
What is a THRIVR you ask?
Traits of a THRIVR:
  • You are mindful of your soul, mind and body!
  •  You care about the food that you put into your body.
  •  You're always looking for ways to be better and evolve.
  •  You are constantly releasing more stress and fears everyday!
  •  You are willing to go outside of your "comfort zone" for the long term benefits of your life.
  •  You know that you always have something valuable to say and offer.
  •  You know deep within you that your POWER is INVINCIBLE!
  •  You have the ability to tap into that INVINCIBLE POWER at will!
  •  You know that you have the ability to overcome any situation!
  •  You have peace of mind about your safety when you're alone or out and about!
  •  You are Empowered in knowing how to better take care of your family!
  •  You have an energized sense of awareness no matter what environment you're in!
  •  You're making more of an Impact in our world the way only YOU can!
  •  You have more freedom to speak what's on your mind and heart!
  •  You Engage more confidently with men and women!
  •  You have the express more pure agape love for others and yourself!
  •  You have an increased sense of worthiness and self-value!
  •  You are Respected by others and yourself
  •  You are gaining more and more control over your life by being in FLOW!
  •  You are less intimidated by others!
  •  You have better defined boundaries!
  •  You use your tools to create a lifestyle that Thrives!
P.S. I have some other goodies that you will love coming up so look out for these other transformational tools. Remember this is about our transformation. This is an everyday practice of elevating our consciousness and transforming this place we call home.
We really can do this! 
But it starts with you and me.

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This is NOT about a BOOK!
...this is about the
MOVEMENT...within ONE!
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